Friday, July 22, 2011

They are in!

Well, thank you all for your well wishes, good thoughts, and prayers!! I received my cells this morning about 11 am, and they are slushing around in my body, hopefully going to work as needed. =)  It was done as a blood transfusion for the most part- the nurse pushed them through my port slowly. It made me pretty nauseous, so they gave me drugs for that, and kinda just knocked me out. (I've been so tired all week from so little sleep in a hospital.)  Then it was done. I got some rest from the knockout drugs and ate lunch! (Big deal!)  It's made my legs ache a bit and so I got some pain medicine for that, otherwise, I don't feel much at this point. The big goal is to not have them get rejected of course. Just go in, become the new base for the white, red, and platelet cells to grow from in the next few weeks. And work like superstars, so any leukemic cells will be destroyed. And so the waiting begins again....
Not much else to report!! Thanks again, friends. =)


  1. Crossing fingers and praying that they'll do their superstar jobs! Glad it's over, and hope you can get some rest. *hugshugshugs*

  2. Will keep the positive thoughts coming for them to settle in and become permanent! Love ya!!